Hezbollah in Lebanon

Abu Guerrilla from Blogging the Casbah comments (in reference to my last post on Lebanese sovereignty):

I’m not so sure that Hezbollah has a “strong presence in the Lebanese government” as it leads a strong coalition in the Lebanese government. Though this may sound like the same thing, they are not. For example, the main Armenian party on June 7th almost went with Sa’ad and Co.

Hezbollah’s weapons are the insurance. This was shown by the West Beirut takeover.

This is true and I did not mean to imply that the current Lebanese government has a strong Hezbollah influence, though it certainly has some as Nasrallah is a leader of the opposition.  Nasrallah & Co. hold two of the 25 ministries in the government.  Not very much at all.  However, it is clear that the organization is very important in Lebanon – politically, economically and socially (see here for a look a the importance of Hezbollah’s actions and alliances in Lebanon).  In the last elections, Hezbollah gained more national, and legitimate, exposure due to its electoral victories.  If this continues and Hezbollah gains more power in a legitimized Lebanese government, that future government would be less friendly to ‘Western’ goals.  I finish my post with:

In any event a Lebanese government with Hezbollah as an acting participant will likely help moderate the militant group, as it will now have to answer to the entire country.  Certainly, a strong Hezbollah presence in the Lebanese government does not benefit the West like the current government does, but it could mean a the end of internal breaches of Lebanese sovereignty.

This paragraph is meant to be hypothetical.  In the future, were Hezbollah to gain more governmental power, it would not benefit the West as much as today’s government does.


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