The Over and Under on Peace, 1/6/10

dIt is getting tricky to decide whether peace talks will actually begin (to say nothing of their viability).  Some seem to think that negotiations between Israel and Palestine will begin imminently while others are sick of the situation (Emanuel said it!  No he didn’t!); others might even support enforcing peace militarily.  The White House, meanwhile, seems to think that peace will be attained in two years.  Personally, I am reluctant to think that meaningful peace talks can’t begin without a serious settlement freeze by Israel and can’t succeed without Palestinian unification.  So for now, I will be content to observe the ever-evolving super-knot that needs to be untangled and try my best to simplify the (lack of) progress.  So with that I introduce my new section of the blog…..

The over/under on peace

Over (aka…hey, this is helping)

Two Gaza Crossings Open, Limited Export Allowed – Ma’an News, 1/6

Rafah Crossing Open for Forth Day – Ma’an News 1/6

White House Plan: Two Years For a Final Status Agreement – The Majlis, 1/4

Barak Asks UN Head to Boost Peace Talks – Jerusalem Post, 1/5

Abbas: Talks Start Immediately After Freeze – Ma’an News, 1/4

Under (aka…really?  This is not helping)

Israel Approves Jerusalem Settlement Expansion – Ma’an News, 1/6

[Defense Minister Ehud] Barak Receives Death Threat from Rightist – Ynet News, 1/5

Settlement Freeze Continues to Melt – The Majlis, 1/5

Israeli Strike Kills Two in Gaza – Ma’an News, 1/6

Israeli Tanks Stage Limited Gaza Incursion – Ma’an News, 1/6

Israel Orders Legislator Held for Six More Months – Ma’an News, 1/6

Jewish Construction in e. Jlem Okeyed – Jerusalem Post, 1/6

Avigdor Lieberman – The Guardian, 1/6

US: East Jerusalem Housing Hampers Peace – Jerusalem Post, 1/6

Fatah Slams Phony Israeli Settlement Freeze – The Majlis, 12/27

Border Police Foil Vengeance Attack – Jerusalem Post, 1/5 (Note: Palestinian teen tries to kill in avenge three Palestinian deaths associated with the murder of Rabbi Meir Chai)

No Clear Plan for Resuming Peace Talks with Israel Says Fatah Official – Ya Libnan, 1/5

Israel Detains Six Palestinians ‘planning Attacks’ – Ma’an News, 1/5

Israel Presses ahead on Settlements – Al Jazeera, 1/7

Arab MK: Settlers are a Malignant Tumor – Jerusalem Post, 1/4

Government Opposes ‘Borders First’ Approach – Jerusalem Post, 1/4

Settlers: Put Building Freeze ‘On Ice’ – Jerusalem Post, 1/4

Abbas Snubs Netanyahu, Talks to Peres – Jerusalem Post, 1/4

Israel: Gaza’s Nahal Oz Crossing Closed Permanently – Ma’an News, 1/4

Report: Israel Troops Training for New Gaza War – Ma’an News, 1/6

Even (aka… yeah, I don’t know, but it happened)

Abbas: ’67 Borders Precondition to Talks – Jerusalem Post, 1/6

IDF Jets Bomb Gaza ; Netanyahu Proposes Peace Summit – The Majlis, 1/2

Netanyahu: Change in the Air Over Israel-Palestine Talks – Haaretz, 1/4 (Note: over because of Netanyahu – “In recent weeks I have felt that there is a certain change in the air, and I hope that this will mature, allowing the start of the diplomatic process; Under because of Lieberman – to Tony Blair, “Peace in two years ‘unlikely’”)

Fayyad: PA will clear West Bank of Settlement Products – Ma’an News, 1/5

So that puts the most recent scorecard at 5 over, 20 under and 4 even. Yikes.  I hope the news is not an accurate reflection of the true situation on the ground.  But news has a tendency to be dramatic and pessimistic.  Right?…  Right?


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