The Over and Under on Peace, 1/15

Last week I started the over / under on peace segment on Israel and Palestine – a basic news recap of the situation in that region

The over (aka…hey, this is helping)

One Gaza Crossing open; strawberries and carnations exported – Ma’an News, 1/14

Work Begins on first planned Palestinian city – Jerusalem Post, 1/13

Two Gaza crossings opened; limited export allowed – Ma’an News, 1/13

Israel opens Gaza Crossing – Ma’an News, 1/12

Hamas: Gaza blast was not Israeli fire – Ma’an News, 1/12

Israel opens two Gaza crossings; no exports allowed – Ma’an News, 1/11

US, Jordan Pressure Israel, PA on Peace – Jerusalem Post, 1/9

‘Riyadh wants Abbas to meet Maashal’ – Jerusalem Post, 1/9

Clinton Urges Israel Palestinians to Focus On The Big Picture – Ya Libnan, 1/10

US Urges Mideast Peace talks – Al Jazeera, 1/9

Dahlan:Talks to resume in coming weeks – Jerusalem Post, 1/8

The under (aka…really?  This is not helping)

Fisherman: Israeli warships fire on boats in three locations – Ma’an News, 1/15/10

Outpost Settlers near Hebron uproot 70 trees – Ma’an News, 1/15

Israeli Troops snatch three from Tulkarem area – Ma’an News, 1/15
Israeli Settlers set fire to cares near Nablus – Ma’an News, 1/15

Many Strong Attached [Palestinians think restarting talks with Israel is a bad idea] – Al-Ahram, 1/14

Rebuffing the Optimists [Israel and Netanyahu not ready for peace] – Al-Ahran, 1/14

Witnesses: Israel performs Gaza incursion – Ma’an News, 1/15

Village Mayor: Settlers occupy Palestinian land near Nablus – Ma’an News, 1/13

Pro-Hamas Media bias and Gaza Activists Block Peace [opinion] – Jerusalem Post, 1/12

Israeli forces raids home in East Jerusalem – Ma’an News, 1/13

DFLP: No negotiations until settlement standstill – Ma’an News, 1/13

Netanyahu: Israel will never divide Jerusalem – Ma’an News, 1/12

Israeli incursion reported near Gazan cemetery – Ma’an News, 1/12

Islamic Jihad warns of Israeli incursion into Gaza – Ma’an News, 1/11

Israeli Police urinate on man: report – Al Arabiya, 1/11

‘Another War with Hamas is Inevitable’ – Jerusalem Post, 1/10

Palestinians Shot by Israeli Troops – Al Jazeera, 1/10

Rockets, Mortar shells fall on Negev, Ashkelon – Jerusalem Post, 1/9

Islamic Jihad: Israel Provoking Us – Jerusalem Post, 1/9

Israeli TV: Abbas, Fayyad mean to provoke Israel – Ma’an News, 1/9

Israeli Media: More settlement building underway in Jerusalem – Ma’an News, 1/9

One seriously injured by tank fire in Gaza – Ma’an News, 1/9

Elderly man hospitalized after settler attack in north – Ma’an News, 1/8

Barak eases Freeze, okays 100 more units – Ma’an News, 1/8

The even (aka…I really don’t know, but it happened)

Iron Dome anti-missile scheme increasing pressure on Gaza – The National, 1/12

Abu Al-Gheit: Either 2 states or 1 state for 2 people – Ma’an News, 1/13

Abbas repeats demands as Jones arrives – Jerusalem Post, 1/13

Al-Quds Brigade : Iran is our biggest benefactor – Asharq Alawsat, 1/12

Israel demolishes ‘illegal’ storehouses in Nablus – Ma’an News, 1/10

Israel Will Respond Strongly to Attacks – Jerusalem Post, 1/10

Erekat not impressed with new US attitude – Jerusalem Post, 1/9

Clinton: Negotiate borders first – Ma’an News, 1/8


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