Lebanon and Israel – It’s on! No It’s off!

Although the fortune tellers are warning against inevitable war between Israel and Lebanon in 2010, others are not so sure.  As Hezbollah and Israel continue to intensify their rhetoric several have come out against the possibility of another Hezbollah-Israeli war.

British MP George Galloway, while confirming a people’s right to fight against an occupying force, said that war in Lebanon seemed highly unlikely.  Galloway continued to say that Hezbollah has proved that it can defend Lebanon from Israel and the only thing within Israel’s capacity to do is to threaten.  For those looking for Hezbollah to lay down their arms soon, this statement is a blow (come on, like it was going to happen soon anyway…).

Major General Claudio Graziano – commander of UNIFIL – agrees with Galloway, saying that the situation in south Lebanon is positive.  Graziano affirms that recent incidents in the south – such as the discovering of Hezbollah explosives and continual violations of Lebanese airspace by Israel – do not show any indication that war is coming.

While French FM Bernard Kouchner agrees that there is no upcoming Israeli offensive,  Hezbollah soldiers are on high alert after Israeli soldiers have gathered in the north of the country to perform military exercises.  Israel has denied any plans to invade Lebanon, but Lebanese sources are still very cautious.  PM Saad Hariri was recently in France where the French denied a Israeli attack, but would not provide any security guarantees.  And the plot thickens…

In unrelated Lebanese news, a new Four Seasons hotel opened its doors in Beirut recently.  The glitzy hotel is on the water and provides another example of Lebanese wealth…

Or wait…

Is it another example of the massive gap between the rich and the poor?


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