The Over and Under on Peace, 1/22

Over (aka…Hey, this is helping)

Abbas signals willingness to resume Israel talks – Al Arabiya, 1/17

Al-Wadiyah: talks underway for Hamas-Fatah reconciliation – Ma’an News, 1/18

Ban urges Israel to end settlements – Ma’an News, 1/21

One Gaza crossing open; exports continue – Ma’an News, 1/21

Mitchell in Israel Thursday, Palestine Friday – Ma’an News, 1/21

Gaza flowers make way back to Europe markets – Al Arabiya, 1/20

Two Gaza crossings opened, limited fuel supplies transferred – Ma’an News, 1/20

Masha’al renews invitation to meet with Abbas – Ma’an News, 1/21

Under (aka…Really?  really?)

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: no truce with Israel – Ma’an News, 1/15

Teenager attacked by settlers in Sheikh Jarrah – Ma’an News, 1/16

Military bulldozers create third entrance to illegal Nablus settlement – Ma’an News, 1/16

Witnesses: Israeli tanks shell Beit Hanoun – Ma’an News, 1/15

Barghouti: Israel using negotiations as cover for expansionism – Ma’an News, 1/17

Israeli Forces detain seven in Nablus – Ma’an News, 1/17

Two Palestinians beaten by Israeli forces near settlement – Ma’an news, 1/17

Witnesses: Israeli navy detains four off Gaza coast, opens fire – Ma’an News, 1/17

Fatah: Abbas won’t attend Kuwaiti talks until Hamas signs document – Ma’an News, 1/17

Policemen charged with abusing Palestinian detainee – Haaretz, 1/17

Lieberman: It’s time Palestinians make goodwill gestures to Israel – Haaretz, 1/17

Bedouin home demolished near Ramallah – Ma’an News, 1/19

Erekat: Netanyahu must recant his terms for talks to resume – Ma’an News, 1/19

Israeli Forces hand out demolition notices – Ma’an News, 1/21

[Palestinian legislative council speaker] Dweik: Hamas does not recognize Israel – Ma’an News, 1/21

Israeli Forces take 9 overnight; raid Nablus, Bethlehem, Ramallah – Ma’an News, 1/21

Israeli forces raid home in Hebron – Ma’an News, 1/20

Local: Settlers attack cemetery in West Bank village – Ma’an News, 1/21

Gaza borders sealed as siege continues – Ma’an News, 1/22

Israel says men planned attack on checkpoint – Ma’an News, 1/22

Mitchell Meets Netanyahu, Abbas; Little Progress – The Majlis, 1/22

Israeli forces detain 20 in East Jerusalem – Ma’an News, 1/22

Even (aka…I don’t know, but it happened)

Abbas urges ‘endgame’ if Israel does not halt settlements – Asharq Alawsat, 1/17

Two more settlers arrested for Yasuf mosque arson – Ma’an News, 1/19 (the settlers were arrested, but still set a mosque on fire…)

Palestinians: No Israeli presence in our future state – Ya Libnan,1/21 (after PM Netanyahu said that Israeli troops would remain in the West Bank even after a peace was made)


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