Protests Grow in Sheikh Jarrah

Two demonstrators offered the police officer in charge, Avi Cohen, a big bouquet of flowers, thanking him for helping the struggle gain nationwide attention by arresting about 20 activists every week. Cohen refused to accept the flowers and they were left at his feet.

At what point does the Israeli government budge?  Most of the world sees Israel as a friendly country and a good ally, but one who currently is morally corrupt.  The wall surrounding the West Bank has been deemed illegal; the siege of Gaza has been deemed illegal; the Israeli habit of arresting protesters and forbidding even Israeli voices to speak against the regime contrary to Israeli law.  Fortunately, there are those in Israel who are willing to speak out against the injustices.  In East Jerusalem, where Israel is currently pursuing a strategy that will limit Palestinian influence (by demolishing Palestinian houses) and increase Jewish influences (building Jewish institutions), Israel is creating a situation that will make peace impossible.  East Jerusalem is, after all, where the Palestinians and the international community envision the capital of a future Palestinian state.

It is in East Jerusalem where people – Muslims, Christians and Jews – are speaking out against Israel’s illegal policies.  Particularly in the district of Sheikh Jarrah protesters are making a habit of using Fridays to speak out.  While they are typically met with arrests, violence and intimidation, Israeli protesters continue to push for liberty and justice.  Here are a couple of videos from the protests in Sheikh Jarrah:

Some Saturday Night Reading:

Electric Intifada has published a press release calling for an end to the poor treatment of protesters.  It highlights the unjust arrests and techniques the Israeli forces use to deter people from speaking out against Israel.

Americans For Peace Now describes how the brutality of Israeli security forces in Sheikh Jarrah exemplify the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general.

Ibn Ezra gives a very complete update of the ongoing protests including links and personal testimonies.  Ezra gave the picture above with the anecdote.

Didi Remez gives an audio interview describing the purposes of the protests.


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