Making Arabic a Crime?

Are Israeli forces trying to eliminate Arabic from Israel?  Probably not – that is pretty absurd.  Yet there are serious allegations of discrimination against the Arabic-speaking minority in Israel.

Example A) Are IDF dogs trained to pounce all who say ‘God is great’ in Arabic? – Haaretz , 1/11

The Israel Defense Forces has not denied allegations that it trains its canines to attack anybody heard saying Allah Hu Akbar, Arabic for ‘God is great.’

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi on Monday told the Knesset plenum that at a canine unit ceremony held the day before, parents of the soldiers witnessed demonstrations proving these allegations.

Example B) Ariel College student says taken off bus for speaking Arabic – YNet news, 1/24

An Arab-Israel student at the Ariel College in the West Bank claimed she was told to get off a bus because she “dared” to speak Arabic on her cell phone.

Hanin Muslah said that during Thursday’s incident she was also subjected to a full body search…

“As I was talking on my cell I noticed they were pointing at me,” said Muslah, who takes the same bus home every day. “I started to cry. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. They took me off the bus in the middle of nowhere. I told them, ‘I’m an Israeli, just like you are, so why are you treating me like this? Why take me off the bus in such a degrading manner?'”

“I don’t wear a veil or traditional dresses; I don’t look Arab,” said the student, “I was taken off the bus only because I spoke Arabic.”


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