Over and Under on Peace, 1/29

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Over (aka…Hey, this is helping)

Arab coalition to press for Middle East, Palestinian unity – Ma’an News, 1/23

One Gaza Crossing open – Ma’an News, 1/24

PLC Speaker:Its time for a national and unified government – Ma’an News, 1/24

PA mulling US plan for low-level talks – Jerusalem Post, 1/24 (Defense Minister Barak believes talks could start in the next couple of months)

Reports: Abbas considering low-level talks with Israel – The Majlis, 1/24 (same information as above, but with some more news links and commentary – if this happens it would represent a serious development)

Israel to open Kerem Shalom crossing – Ma’an News, 1/26 (over 100 trucks of goods will enter while flowers will be exported)

Limited amounts of fuel to enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom – Ma’an News, 1/27 (Strawberries will also be exported)

Under (aka…Really? really?)

Israeli forces attack Beit Safafa family, Italian consular employee – Ma’an News, 1/23

Israeli forces detain three journalists across the West Bank – Ma’an News, 1/23

Israeli, Palestinian officials fingerpoint following Mitchell failure – Ma’an News, 1/23

Israel says men planned attack on checkpoint – Ma’an News, 1/23

Medics: Settlers attack Iraq Bourin village south of Nablus – Ma’an News, 1/23

Israeli border police severely beat Palestinian workers, says family – Ma’an News, 1/24

Abbas to Snub Mishal until Hamas Sign Reconciliation Agreement – Palestinian Source – Asharq Alawsat, 1/24

Israel ‘to keep’ parts of West Bank – Al Jazeera, 1/24

Netanyahu Says Some Settlements to Stay in Israel – New York Times, 1/24

Israel’s PM says to keep parts of WBank forever – Al-Arabiaya, 1/25

Sha’th doubtful talks can be resumed with Israel – Ma’an News, 1/26

Israel orders halt on construction of Nablus mosque – Ma’an News, 1/26

PSP: Israeli patrol tried to run over elderly woman – Ma’an News, 1/27 (According to activist group, a grandmother was almost killed while trying to protect her grandson from being detained)

Settlers attack Palestinians in retaliation for outpost demolition – Ma’an News, 1/27 (30 Palestinians were injured when settler youths attacked a village in response to the Israeli gov’t demolishing an illegal settler outpost)

Testimony: New Israeli intelligence officer harasses Nablus residents – Ma’an, 1/28 (Nablus men forced to strip and miss morning prayers)

Israel shuts down Gaza crossings as siege continues – Ma’an News, 1/29 (All crossings into Gaza will be closed until Sunday)

Israeli forces injure 5 north of Jerusalem during home invasion – Ma’an News, 1/29 (Israeli forces use tear gas and batons to force entry into the home of the UNRWA director, injuring a pregnant woman)

Even (aka…I don’t know, but it happened)

Abu Rudeineh: Hamas must sign Egyptian document – Ma’an News, 1/23 (Is this a last chance for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation?)

Mitchell fails to convince Abbas to drop J’lem freeze demand – Jerusalem Post, 1/24 (Abbas also reiterates need to restart talks exactly where Abbas and former PM Ehud Olmert left off in 2008)

Elections are the only way forward – Dr Yasser Al-Wadiyah – Ma’an News, 11/24 (A call for Palestinian elections as a way to promote peace)

Report: Environmental impact of occupation high – Ma’an News, 1/24 (the occupation is bad for peace, people and the environment)

Aide: Abbas has two conditions for talks – Ma’an News, 1/24 (Abbas aide says the only two conditions for talks are a true settlement freeze – including East Jerusalem – and a guarantee that talks would be based on the 1967 borders)

Fayyad to Paris: EU has opportunity to strengthen chance for peace – Ma’an News, 1/27 (Fayyad tells Paris that EU can help build institutions on Palestine and must force Israel to comply with international agreements)

Hamas prepares to sue Israel for organ theft – Ma’an News, 1.27 (Hamas has taken the testimonies of dozens of families who say IDF soldiers stole organs during occupation)

Danish pension funds divest from Israeli companies – Ma’an News, 1/27 (A Danish fund has refused to invest in two companies implicit in Israel’s wall, citing violation of international standards and the companies’ role in the degradation of Palestinian human rights)

Lack of peace worse than “Iranian bomb”: Barak – Al Arabiya, 1/27 (Israeli DM says that the lack of peace with Palestine threatens Israel more than Iran even though the international community is focusing so much on the Islamic Republic)

Hamas demands PA return to unity talks before peace with Israel – Ma’an News, 1/29 (Hamas warns that peace talks with Israel would be dangerous without Palestinian unity)

Israel to route wall around Ramallah settlement t- Ma’an News, 1/29 (Israeli construction of the illegal wall continues, but the new route will no longer cut Palestinians off from their farm land and will prevent further expansion of Ramallah settlement)

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