Shout Out to the Socially Responsible U of A

Will the University of Arizona divest?

UPDATE: Desert Peace has a great recap of the recent protests calling for divestment in New York City.  The Valentine’s Day-themed protest was aimed at Lev Leviev’s high end jewelry stores because his companies construct Jewish only settlements in the West Bank as well as Ahava, a cosmetics company whose products are produced in illegal settlements.  Visit Desert Peace for more photos and videos of the protests.

A while back I wrote about the call for divestment at several schools, including the Wildcats at the University of Arizona.  Well the issue in Arizona is heating up as the school is resisting calls for divestment by the student body.  Philip Weiss over at Mondoweiss has picked up on the movement in Arizona and points to the resistance of the school to drop its contract with Motorola and Caterpillar.  Weiss gives links to several great student articles on the issue, here, here and here.  All three articles are written by Gabriel Schivone and show UA’s history of divestment (S. Africa) and explain the need to divest.

New York City, like the U of Arizona, demands divestment from companies the promote and aid the degradation of Palestinian human rights

Once again, I call on the students of the great University of Arizona to support this movement to divest in companies that aid in the rejection of human rights in Palestine.  Isn’t there an old adage that say that great privilege comes with great responsibility (I think it is actually great power…)?  Well, the privilege of attending such a good university comes with the responsibility to use the power inherent in higher education to do good in the world.  If you go to the University of Arizona, please, fulfill your duty to human rights and join the calls for divestment.  The university cannot continue to ignore your voice.

[tweetmeme] If you go to a different university, find out in what companies your school invests and determine whether they are socially responsible.  If your school is helping companies participate in the destruction of human rights, do your duty.  Force your school to divest.

Photo from and Desert Peace

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2 thoughts on “Shout Out to the Socially Responsible U of A

  1. Thanks for writing this!
    The U of A is also hosting an event on the 25th of february with- Katherine Fuchs, national organizer for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an awesome coalition of 320 organizations around the country bound together to education, mobilize American people to challenge the occupation. There will be a variety of workshops and trainings on such subjects as “how to deal with opposition”, BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) organizing, and other topics.

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