Lebanon and the Gorillaz

The new Gorillaz album, 'Plastic Beach,' seems to have some serious Lebanese inspiration

In 2005 the Gorillaz – a popular ‘virtual band’ – released ‘Demon Days (brilliant album, by the way) which earned 5 Grammy nominations.  The band just released its new album, called ‘Plastic Beach.’  The new album includes singles featuring Snoop Dogg, who performed in Beirut last summer and the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music.  The single with the Lebanese National Orchestra also includes guest appearances by Kano and Bashy and is called “White Flag.”

[tweetmeme] Unfortunately, the only ‘White Flag’ video was removed from youtube, and I can’t find a copy anywhere yet.  But, doesn’t this just scream Lebanon?

– Album name: anyone who has been to the ritzy beach clubs in Beirut could make the argument that ‘Plastic Beach’ refers to the Lebanese coast, or perhaps those who visit.

– Lebanese National Orchestra…

– Snoop Dogg recently preformed in Beirut

– ‘White Flag’ was recorded in Beirut and was apparently influenced by the low-flying Israeli jets (which are, ahem, illegal)

From the Gorillaz site:

‘White Flag’
This one features the National Orchestra For Arabic Music. ‘Plastic Beach’ was intended to be a worldwide collage. Via the guests I brought in and used, I could take little snapshots of the world.

‘White Flag’ was recorded in Beirut, around the end of March 2009. Over there, the Israelis like to fly their jets really low over the city once a month. It’s called “sabre-rattling”. If they fly low and fast enough, it creates a sonic boom effect, taking out all the windows in the area.

This faintly surreal experience in Beirut and Syria got rolled into various themes on the album. What I wanted to do was then add a British counterpart. And who would fit the bill better than the British grime artists Bashy and Kano? What they bring to this is great.

I’m looking forward to this Lebanese inspired track!

Photo from Ya Libnan

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