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[tweetmeme] Take this video with a grain of salt.  At the end, Blitzer asked Cafferty if he received more emails critical of Israel and Cafferty’s response is something along the lines of “umm…yeah I would say so.”  But all but one of the emails he showed were critical – so that was apparently not a good sample of the emails.  Furthermore, those who take the time to email CNN (much less watch CNN) are an informed minority.  So while this clip is not representative of an overwhelming American anger with Israel, it certainly shows that the issue is out on the table for people to talk about – itself a big thing.

Furthermore, as MJ Rosenburg notes, via Laura Rozen, new polls show that most Americans are supporting Obama’s tough stance on Israel.

Also, the first poll on the Obama administration’s stand on settlements is out. It comes from the right-leaning Rasmussen reports.

And it’s a doozy. It turns out that “49% of American voters believe Israel should be required to stop building settlements.” Rasmussen also reports that their “national telephone survey finds that just 22% of voters disagree and believe Israel should not be required to stop building those settlements. Another 29% are not sure.” H/T Laura Rozen.

This is important not only because this poll represents a significant shift in public opinion, not against Israel but for the President’s approach. In fact, other poll responses indicate that the electorate remains strongly pro-Israel. It is just that American voters understand that Israeli settlements are bad for Israel, bad for Palestinians and most significantly, as General Petraeus tells us, bad for America.

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2 thoughts on “American Opinion

  1. haha, ok… so old Wolf used to be an AIPAC lobbyist in Congress!

    And even he was surprised that most of the emails are anti. Wow, looks like Shas party really messed up on this one.

    The only real question I have is how long until Bibi scraps his fanatical government and teams up with Kadima? What will Livni want?

    Good post.

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