Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran, Part 2

McCain urges unilateral action against Iran

Two years after John McCain made it big by singing “Bomb Iran” (clip after the break – great stuff), he is back on the scene by urging unilateral action against Tehran if the UN does not pass sanctions.  That McCain took such a stance is hardly surprising, but the way it was portrayed by the MSNBC article makes it seem like McCain was unusually aggressive – but can a maverick be unusually aggressive.  From the article:

When the State Department’s Bill Burns countered that it would be “very difficult” to get Russia and China to sign onto those kinds of tougher sanctions, McCain shot back that all the international communities efforts have failed so far to change Iran’s behavior. When the Pentagon’s Michele Flournoy waded in to say that Iran has in fact altered its behavior and Russia and China will sign on to new sanctions, McCain bristled saying there’s “no justification” in her belief that Russia will play along since the Russians have been playing “rope a dope” with the US on this issue.

Even better, when Ya Libnan reran the article, it included the picture in this post.  I wonder what the editors at the magazine think of McCain’s unilateral action idea.

On an unrelated note, the power will be going out on the blog for a while as I am taking a trip up to Jordan this week.  See you folks after the break.


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