This Week in Palestine: Qassam Count and OCHA Weekly Report (14-20 April)

[tweetmeme] As I am still catching up with work after my vacation, I am altering my schedule to align the new Qassam Count with the OCHA weekly report.  The short and sweet version shows no rockets fired at Israel (April 14-20) and more of the same events in the OCHA report.  As always, the OCHA report can be found here while Qassam statistics come from here.

  • Six Palestinians were injured by Israeli security forces (down from 19 last week) while three Israeli soldiers were also injured.  Four of the Palestinians were injured during demonstrations while the remaining two were injured during Israeli search operations.  One soldier was injured during demonstrations while the other two were injured in clashes resulting from Israeli search operations.
  • There were six incidents of property damage caused by settlers including graffiti damage to a mosque and a home as well four cars that were set on fire.
  • Additionally, settlers reportedly uprooted 120 newly planted olive trees near Nablus.
  • There were eight incidents of property damage caused by Palestinians.  All eight incidents were the result of stones being thrown at cars.
  • Eight Palestinian owned structures were demolished this week in Area C, including 2 residential buildings that resulted in the displacement of seven people.  40 more Palestinians in the Beit Safafa district of East Jerusalem are at risk of displacement after their eviction notices expired.
  • In Gaza, one Palestinian militant was killed and four civilians were injured.  The militant was reportedly killed by Israeli soldiers who saw a group of men planting an explosive device.  One Palestinian civilian was injured when he was shot collecting scrap metal while the other three were shot during a demonstration against the imposed buffer zone.
  • Also in Gaza, two men were killed by Hamas after being sentenced to death for collaboration with Israel.  15 more have been sentenced to death.
  • One Palestinian died and three were injured in tunnel related incidents as well.  Egyptian authorities located and destroyed six tunnels and Hamas agents destroyed several more.
  • Imports of fuel and cooking gas are both up from last week, but the totals remain well below what is needed.  The imported fuel (increased from 0.7 to 1.8 million litres) is barely 57% of the weekly need, leaving most of Gaza with rolling 8-12 hour blackouts.  Cooling gas imports were up (956 to 700 tonnes), but remain 32% below the weekly need.
  • 44% more truckloads of goods enter Gaza this week (697 vs. 483) bringing shipments of wood and aluminum (the first time since June 2007 and October 2008, respectively) while glass shipments continued.

During this same period, there were no reported rockets launched into Israel.  Naturally, this is down from the two reports from the previous week (7-13 April).  It must be noted, though, that the OCHA report states that a ‘limited’ number of ‘rudimentary’ rockets were launched from Gaza towards Southern Israel, ‘including military bases.’  There were no reports of injuries or property damage.  Also, a device exploded in Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza City, resulting in the injury of two 15-year-old children and a woman civilian.

The dwindling number of rockets shot at Israel is encouraging, though hardly surprising considering the measures reported cease-fire between Hamas and Israel and the renouncement of rockets by the Islamic Jihad.  Despite the new military procedures allowing for greater deportation by the IDF, there were no reported incidents of the abuse of this law by the IDF, which, again, is an encouraging sign.

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