This Week in Palestine: Qassam Count and OCHA Weekly Report (28 April – 4 May)

[tweetmeme] The levels of violence continue to fluctuate between Israelis and Palestinians.  During this reporting period, the number of Palestinians injured decreased from 49 to 14 while 1 Palestinian was killed.  There were no reports of Israeli fatalities, though one Israeli policeman was injured.  There are conflicting reports of the number rockets launched at Israel (3 projectiles in the previous 7 day period).  Like every week, the UNOCHA report can be found here and the Qassam Count can be followed here.

  • 10 Palestinians were injured in four separate instances at Israeli military security checkpoints.  The remaining 4 were injured, including a 10 year old child, were injured at protests against the security wall in Beit Jala (Bethlehem) and against the expansion of the Hallamish settlement in the Ramallah area.  The 1 Israeli (policeman) was injured at the latter demonstration.
  • There were reports of 9 settler related incidents that resulted in 1 injury and property damage.  A 6 year-old boy was assaulted by a settler while tending sheep while the most serious incident of property damage came when a group of settlers vandalized a Palestinian park.
  • On 4 May, a Mosque in Al Lubban ash Sharqiya villiage (Nablus) was set on fire, destroying furniture and many copies of the Quran, while inflicting serious structural damage.  The identity of the vandals is unknown, though it is widely asssumed to be a settler group from Shave Shomron.
  • In Gaza, a 19 year old Palestinian was killed when Israeli forces opened fire with live ammunition on a peaceful protest against the Israeli imposed ‘buffer zone.’  One foreigner was also injured.
  • 5 Palestinians were killed and 9 were injured in 2 tunnel related accidents.
  • Imports were up 31% this period (625 truckloads vs 434 in the previous period).  This increase still represents merely 22% of the imports compared to the months before Israel started the blockade.
  • Industrial fuel imports were up 39% (1.46 vs. 1.05 million litres).  Yet this increase only represents 46% of the weekly requirement to run the power plant.  Predictably, the rolling blackouts continued.
  • Cooking gas imports also increased (925 tonnes vs. 503 tonnes) yet this increase only represents 66% of the weekly need.

While there were no reports of rockets fired at Israel by Qassam Count, the OCHA reports declares that militants fired a”limited number of rudimentary rockets towards southern Israel, including military bases.”  No Israelis were killed or injured, though one rocket did land in a Palestinian house, killing one and injuring 3.

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