Governmental Racism

From a Facebook group calling for the death of Arab-Israeli MK Haneen Zoua'bi

Earlier I provided a link to a story about Israeli MK Haneen Zoa’bi and the attempts by the Interior Minister Eli Yishy to revoke her citizenship and charge her with treason.  Zoa’bi is an Arab-Israeli that joined the activists aboard the Flotilla that was overtaken by Israel earlier this week. Importantly, she testified that the IDF commandos fired upon the activists before boarding the boat – completely contradicting the IDF version of events.

When she tried to address the Knesset upon her return to Israel, many Knesset members tried to prevent her from speaking, throwing insult after insult at her (see below for a translation of some of the insults).  One MK even tried to assault her during her talk.  She has now been issued a round-the-clock security guard.  It is a brutal video and makes one wonder:  if a MK – a member of the government – can [tweetmeme] be treated this way, how are other Arabs treated and viewed?

We should vomit her out of this Knesset. She has come to represent – maybe the Hamas, maybe the Jihad…

I suggest that MK Zou’abi listen very carefully to the words, and I hope to pronounce them correctly, um, in Arabic: Ruhi leRaza Ya Khaina [“go to Gaza, you animal”] Traitor! That’s what you are! We don’t need traitors here in the Knesset of Israel.”

“[Spend] one week in Gaza, and we’ll see what happens to you. One week in Gaza, a spinster, 38 years old, we’ll see how she’d be treated there…

I think that you shouldn’t let a person talk – a person who betrays the country. We are a democratic country, but there is a limit to democracy and a person must not be allowed to speak from the Knesset podium and present the positions of the terror organizations

You are in the state of the Jews, even if it turns your stomach. Hatikva is the song that is your national anthem, even if your heart fails at the thought. And if you don’t like it? Drink up the sea of Gaza.

–translation Dena Shunra, Shunra Media

Photo from Richard Silverstein

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