Governmental Racism, Con’t

[tweetmeme] Yesterday I posted a video of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) meeting in which Arab MK Haneen Zoa’bi – who was part of the aid Flotilla attacked by Israel – tried to address the group of government officials, only to be met with jeers and racist insults.  Called a traitor and a terrorist, Zoa’bi’s fellow MK’s would not let her address the body.  Here is a video (English subtitles) of Zoa’bi trying to address the Knesset.  12 MK’s were kicked out for refusing to cease hurling insults at their Arab colleague.

Can you image a scene like this happening in the US Congress (though I would watch more CSPAN if it did)?  In England, there is the occasional rude remark that results in a suspension from Parliament and there have been fisticuffs in the Ukraine Parliament, the Russian Duma, the South Korean Parliament and there has been an free-for-all brawl in India’s Parliament.  Given the international precedents, I supposed the racist heckling of MK Zoa’bi is not terribly out of order.  That does not make what happened any less shameful.  Perhaps this behavior can be seen as more evidence that Israel and the US are marching to different beats.

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