Israel’s Continuing Isolation

[tweetmeme] The last few months have not been good ones for Netanyahu’s Rolodex.  Predictably, the international calls made by the Israeli PM have been closer to damage control than friendly updates.  Of course, many will call the growing isolation of Israel a result of resurgent anti-Semitism throughout the world; more likely, though, the international displeasure with Israel simply has to do with an impressive list of political blunders.  I touched upon this earlier, but it is worth revisiting as the Israeli government continues to amaze.

  • International pressure started to mount after the Operation Cast Lead in Gaza two years ago.  The siege resulted in 1400 Palestinian deaths and nearly 5000 injuries.  The result of Cast Lead was the disputed Goldstone report accusing Israel and Hamas of war crimes.  After the report Israel conducted an internal investigation which was largely seen as inadequate (Hamas had an equally absurd ‘investigation’) around the world.  Additionally, England put out an arrest warrant (since revoked) for Tzipi Livni – the Israeli FM during the Gaza war.

For those keeping score Israel: has diplomats who face possible arrest in England, France and Germany; had diplomats kicked out of England; almost completely destroyed relations with its most important regional ally (twice); had ambassadors summoned in several countries to discuss controversial Israeli policies; lost ties with one country and spurned ties with another; and picked a fight with the US that started a discussion of the strategic and social importance of the Jewish state.

There is always the possibility that the criticism of Israel is fueled by a rebirth of global anti-Semitism, but with a three-year resume like Israel’s it is pretty easy to see that the Israeli government is not doing itself any favors.

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