The Cost of the Alliance

After quoting a Pew study measuring the precipitous drop in confidence in US President Obama by folks in the Middle East, Andrew Sullivan has some theories:

The Arab world, for reasons both ugly and realistic, was waiting to see if Obama could actually wrest free of the pro-Israel lobby and put real pressure in Israel. And they saw that, while a great deal has indeed shifted in the domestic contours of this debate, AIPAC’s control of the Congress and US foreign policy remains impressive. When Netanyahu stared down Obama last year and Obama retreated, the impact of the Cairo speech was neutralized. And that, remember was Netanyahu’s and Cheney’s strategy all along: to destroy the Obama moment’s potential to shift the US back to a more balanced position in the Middle East.

This struggle isn’t over, of course. And those who score cheap early victories over Obama tend to discover the power of a long game. But one reason the Muslim world has lost confidence in Obama is because they have every reason to. On the core issues – especially the acceleration of the colonization of the West Bank – nothing has changed. Which is what AIPAC wants, and why AIPAC is, in my view, working against the broader security interests of Israel’s most important ally.

[tweetmeme] The never-ending wars in Afghanistan/Pakistan (not to mention the drone issues) and Iraq most likely are major causes of Arab frustration as well, but there is no questioning that Obama’s inability to influence Israel are on the minds of many.  It is important to know that, despite all the criticism Obama gets from hard-line Israeli supporters, nothing substantive has changed in the US policy to Israel-Palestine in the last 8 years.

Obama’s popularity has dropped among Arabs and Israelis and he is being attacked by the right and left in the States as well.  Clearly, this policy is not working.

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