Carla Bruni: Human Rights Temptress

French First Lady shocked after Iranian media calls her a prostitute? Or because someone put her old playboy pictures online?

When top model turned singer turned French First Lady Carla Bruni (I purposefully omit Sarkozy from her name to preserve my hope of one day becoming Mr. Bruni) the world, and specifically the French press, had a field day.  This was the woman who had an affair with Mick Jagger (breaking up his marriage), a passionate and brief romp with Eric Clapton and a controversial fling with former French PM Laurent Fabius.  She has also talked about being “bored by monogamy,” called herself the “tamer of men” and gave an interview to publicize a series of sex-travel guides.

Now Bruni can add international provacatrice (as if she wasn’t already) to her résumé.  After Bruni wrote a letter of support to Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who has been sentenced to death by stoning, the Iranian state media has shot back – after previously warning the west to stay out of the entire affair – calling Bruni a ‘prostitute.’ One editorial is entitled “French Prostitutes Join the Human Rights Protest” while the paper also labeled Bruni as ‘immoral’ and ‘promiscuous.’

[tweetmeme] Bruni has seemed to have reformed herself from a polygamist man-tamer into an elegant and political First Lady, and, despite her spotted past, deeming the French President’s wife a ‘prostitute’ is a bit immature.  Perhaps Iranian officials are simply upset that her sex-vocabulary translation book never included the Persian language.

Photo from The Frisky

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