Hope Everyone Saw This, Part 1

I hope everyone saw this:  five days ago, as part of a propaganda campaign across the US, the group Stand With Us brought two Israeli soldiers to speak at the University of Michigan.  Brought in to discuss the terror tactics of the Palestinians and the moral superiority of the IDF, the soldiers were subjected to a mass walkout in protest of the occupation and in honor of those who were killed during the massacre in Gaza in 2008-2009.  The video of the protest, posted below, brought three things to my mind.

First, who organized this event?  Who brought the IDF to the University of Michigan, a school with a significant Arab minority?  Could they not have figured that there was going to be some sort of solidarity protest there?  Moreover,  after the walk-out, there remained maybe five people in the room.  Whoever organized this event did a pretty terrible job ensuring that there would be friendly faces there.

[tweetmeme] Next, listening to the soldier speak, I wondered how people could actually believe the things he said.  Recounting his time in southern Lebanon in 2006 (a war in which ), the soldier was lamenting that during the invasion, Hezbollah terrorists were shooting at him.  Did he not realize that it was a war and that he was an enemy soldier invading another country?

Finally, there must have been around 50 or 60 protesters at this event.  Hardly a significant representation of the American public and the video is certainly going to be pushed as proof that Americans reject the illegal Israeli occupation.  Unfortunately, this video does not represent the America of today – there are still a vast number of people in the country who actively support the Israeli occupation.  Rather, those who stood against the IDF at the University of Michigan represent the future.  It shows that eventually, the American government will have to listen to the growing number of voices who refuse to support what Israel is doing.

Anyway, I hope everyone saw this.

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