Keep Black People Out of Denver

Karmiel's motto - "No Arabs Here!"

Denver, Colorado is one of five sister cities of Karmiel in Israel.  Fortunately, Denver has no problem being a city open to people of all faiths and races.  The same can not be said for its Israeli sister.  According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Karmiel has a pretty bad history of ‘remaining pure’ – in 1964 “when local Arabs applied for permission to move into the town, Minister of Housing Yosef Almogi replied that ‘Karmiel was not built to solve the problems for the people in the surrounding area.'”

But that was years ago; everyone was racist in the 1960’s – even Denver had its race riots.  Things are different now; racism and bigotry are things of the past.  Well.  Not quite – apparently Karmiel has an email network in order to alert local racists and bigots of Arabs planning to move into the little fascist town.  Hear of an Arab looking for a home?  Email “My Home is My Home” and a week later those pesky Arab terrorists (see: Israeli citizens) have changed their plans.

[tweetmeme] Can you imagine if something like this existed in the United States.  Imagine if Denver started a “Keep Blacks Out of Our City” campaign with an open housing discrimination policy.  Imagine the reaction if there was a well-known email address to which you could send your concern that your neighbor’s house could be sold to ‘one of them.’  Maybe there should be a similar system to keep Japanese people from moving to Seattle; to prevent Hispanics from tainting the racial purity of Houston?

Residents of Karmiel are invited to report Arabs who intend to buy flats in the town, said Karmiel’s deputy Mayor, Oren Milstein, in an interview on the Internet site “Besheva”. In the same interview he mentioned a weekly ad in the local press which calls on residents to report such information to a special “purple email address”. Milstein went on to say, using the first person: “Residents are welcome to turn to us the moment they become aware of a flat which is about to be sold to someone from one of the [surrounding Arab] villages. Once a flat in Karmiel is sold to an Arab family – it is a solid fact for generations to come”.

Milstein intimates that the selling of 30 flats has already been prevented in this way. In the interview Milstein mentions the “Taatzumot Israel” (“the Prowess of Israel”) association. The association’s website says it concerns itself with “settling the Land of Israel”. It is registered in Karmiel and its director is a resident of Karmiel. The Deputy Mayor’s office does not hide its support for the anti-Arab initiative, but denies a direct connection to it…

A concerned Karmiel resident We asked who is behind the venture and were told “send the email, ask your questions, you will get answers”. The secretary gave us the email address:, and suggested we write in and await a response. [Lo Lemechira means not for sale.]…

A senior political figure in Karmiel said in response: “It is worth noting that in the past other regimes urged snitches to contact them and tell them where Jews were hiding. Such phenomena should be condemned [one can’t but wonder why such a senior political figure does not condemn under his own name. DB]. Uri Avnery of the Gush Shalom movement said: “I grew up in Germany and as a child I saw the Nazis come into power. This is the beginning of a slippery slope. It worries me that they believe that the residents of Karmiel would support such a racist and fascist approach. In Germany there were towns and villages where people put up signs “there are no Jews here” and if someone wanted to sell to a Jew the local population prevented it, until in the end there was legislation that stopped it altogether. It is worrying that Karmiel is the pioneer. That it is done openly, without shame”. The municipality responded: “Karmiel municipality has no involvement in this private venture, therefore it should not be the one to respond.”

At least Karmiel has avoided the creation of Arab ghettos to compliment the town’s purity.

Photo from Panoramio.  I have been particularly busy this week, leaving me with little time to add original content.  So, once again, a H/T to Mondoweiss.

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