Why Did We Go to Iraq

Bush: The Iraq War was about WMDs. Why doesn't anyone believe me??

Philip Weiss discussing Chris Mathew et al. and the Bush memoirs.  Bush is still holding strong to his WMD line.  Weiss:

At the end of the segment Matthews said he wants to give Bush sodium pentathol to learn the real reason we went in there.

[tweetmeme] This is self-imposed ignorance. You will never learn why from a leader, particularly one who wouldn’t know an idea if it peed on his leg. Analysts have to do their digging and offer their insights. Matthews is a man of insight; and the answers are all around him, in Tom Friedman’s statement to Haaretz that it was 25 neocons who started the war, in Joe Klein’s statement that it was Jewish neocons who came up with a benign domino theory of the Middle East, in the neocons’ own pronouncement that the road to Jerusalem lay through Baghdad, in Clean Break in which Perle, Feith, and Wurmser say that removing Saddam will help Israel to “secure the realm,” in Phil Zelikow’s statement that the unnamed reason was the threat to Israel, in Walt and Mearsheimer’s paper and book, in Glenn Kessler’s revelation that Condoleezza Rice regarded the war as a “way to bring democracy to the region and help Israel”, and on and on. And yes, Doug Feith’s father lost all his family in the Holocaust and Feith is a Zionist.

Chris Matthews knows these reasons darn well why, he just can’t say them.

Photo from Haveeru

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