No Such Thing As Apartheid

Israel demolished a house in East Jerusalem despite court orders halting the operation

Some interestingly opposing headlines for today’s Thanksgiving holiday:

Israel Razes Palestinian Home in East Jerusalem


Palestinian Officials Fund Schools, Fill Potholes in East Jerusalem

If the headlines are not telling enough, lets take a quick look at the meat and potatoes:

Scores of police and a single bulldozer were involved in the operation, which leveled the small house in the At-Tur neighborhood near the Mount of Olives.

House owner Abed Zablah, a father of five, showed Agence France-Presse a letter issued early Wednesday by the Jerusalem District Court ordering a halt to the demolition.

But by the time he got home with the letter, the house was already flattened, he said.


Sidewalks often do not exist, while street lighting is patchy, if provided at all. Sewage facilities and access to the water mains, taken for granted by Jewish families, are lacking. And a report by the Association of Civil Rights in Israel says that there is a shortage of 1,000 classrooms in East Jerusalem, despite Israel’s obligations to provide free education for everyone.

Palestinians account for 35 percent of Jerusalem’s total population yet benefit from just 8 to 10 percent of the municipality’s budget, according to Ir Amim…

By not adding classrooms, creating parks, or collecting the garbage of the city’s 250,000 Palestinians who pay taxes to the Jewish state but do not vote, Israel has left an ample vacuum of authority for the Palestinians to fill. What was once one of the most affluent Palestinian cities has now fallen behind West Bank cities such as Ramallah.

[tweetmeme] So, to summarize, Palestinians in East Jerusalem pay taxes to Israel, but are not allowed to vote.  Israel tears down their houses despite court orders not to.  The PA provides municipal services to East Jerusalem, but is denied access.  And, of course, Israel is not an apartheid state.

Photo from Ma’an News

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