Ilan Pappe Talks One State

[tweetmeme] Ilan Pappe, who recently spoke in Ramallah, was recently on Al Jazeera talking about the future of the Palestinian conflict.  If you are familiar with Pappe and his work, you will know that he is a huge proponent of the Palestinian Right to Return and the resolution of the conflict through a one state solution.  With that in mind, his talk on Jazeera was hardly surprising.  Among other highlights (some quotations below), Pappe said that current Israeli government cannot be trusted to make progress on a one or two state solution, that sanctions were needed against Israel and that Israel should be treated like apartheid South Africa.  Pappe begins at the 9 minute mark.

Some highlights:  When Pappe was asked about the idea of unilaterally declaring independence, he responded:

Theoretically like in Kosovo there could be a unilateral declaration of a state by the PA, my guess is that the scenario, in this case, is a unilateral Israeli retaliating by annexing … all those areas  in the West Bank that the Israels deem to be part of a future greater Israel… [It is] probably not [advisable] but I cannot see any difference in the Palestinian Authority position now and the Palestinian Authority position after a unilateral declaration,…not the kind of development we need to trigger a different thinking.

I had a similar conversation with a friend yesterday concerning a Jeff Halper prediction that the PA will either unilaterally declare independence or dissolve in 2011.  Personally, I cannot see the PA dissolving, as those in charge love being in charge far too much.  Likewise, if the PA were to hand over security to Israel (i.e. make the de facto de jure) or declare independence, there would be no real change on the ground.  As I have said before, the only way to force real change is to dissolve the PA and put Israel completely in charge of the occupation – therefore eliminating the charade of Palestinian sovereignty.

When asked how a one state solution would work, Pappe noted that it is already one state:

Israel is now controlling the whole of Palestine so what we’re talking here is a kind of change of regime rather than creating 2 new states. Whereas in the 2 state solution it is a topic that is discussed in the corridors of power that anyone visiting… the place itself sees no correlation between this idea and the fact that there is one regime controlling Israel and Palestine today which is the Israeli government and state in a oppressive and discriminatory way.

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