The Mossad’s Zionist Zoo Plot

Israel has trained vultures to spy on Arab neighbors

A few weeks ago, Israel was accused, pretty conclusively I might add, of deliberately dumping man-eating sharks into the Red Sea in an evil Zionist plot to dent Egypt’s tourism industry.  The sharks were apparently not native to the area and sharks, in general are hardly ever seen so close to the Egyptian shore.  The Zionist shark, believed to be an oceanic whitetip (probably a Sephardi Jew) was allegedly guided into Egyptian waters by the Mossad using advanced GPS technology.  Undeniable proof that the death of a German tourist can be added to the Dubai hit – an assassination carried out, my sources tell me, by a Jewish mongoose – to the list of Mossad assassinations in 2010.

The creator of Jaws, Steven Spielberg was Jewish, no?

Sound ridiculous?  Well, fortunately, the Mossad has been thwarted in its latest assassination attempt.  Saudi authorities have taken advantage of a rare Mossad mess-up to capture a Zionist vulture that had ‘strayed’ into Saudi airspace.  The bird, claims Israel, was part of a longterm study on migration patterns was wearing a ‘Tel Aviv University’ tag on its wing, giving Saudi authorities all the proof of Zionist espionage that they needed.

[tweetmeme] While staunch Israeli defenders might be skeptical of the accusation that Israel is training animals to conduct espionage and assassination missions, one merely needs to look at surrounding evidence that is, indeed, convincing.  It was reported recently that Iran has the capability of attacking Israel within 10-12 minutes; could the Zionist vultures be a way of expanding Israel’s control of regional airspace?  With the recent discovery of massive natural gas reserves in the waters between Israel, Lebanon and Cyprus, doesn’t Israel need control of the waters?

Moreover, Mossad’s human agents were discovered in Dubai – which is hardly the first time – what is less conspicuous than human spies?  Right, animal spies.  Finally, being good Jews, the Mossad does not work on the Shabbat.  So what happens if a spy mission must take place on a Saturday?

Indeed, there seems to be no end to the Zionist misuse of animals.  New reports show that Israeli forces in the occupied Palestinian territories have started using skunks in the violent repression of Palestinians…

Photo from Bruce

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