A Calm Week In The Middle East

Just another week in the Middle East

I returned last night after a week in Jordan, purposefully ignoring both newspapers and my Google Reader, only to find out that nothing really happened in my week away.  Well, besides for the collapse of two regimes in the region.  But nothing major anyway…

As you have probably have heard or read about the regime of Tunisia’s president con dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has stepped down and fled the country, leaving Tunisia in the seemingly incapable hands of Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi.  While the collapse of the government is being heralded as the next Iranian Revolution, the First Domino, The Jasmine Revolution, the Wikileaks Revolution… it is still unclear what the future holds for Tunisia.  After some reading and thought collection, I will be adding more about these events that could have a major influence on regional politics.

[tweetmeme] Next comes Lebanon where, in the shadow of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigation into the assassination of former PM Rafiq Hariri in 2005, Hezbollah ministers and their Shi’ite allies have walked out of the government coalition leaving Lebanon, effectively, with no government.  While the now-former PM (and Rafiq Hariri’s son) Sa’ad Hariri and his allies are positioning for reelection of Hariri, Hezbollah has announced that it will soon present a nomination for the post of Prime Minister.  Moreover, as if the situation needed more tension, it seems as though Hezbollah and Israel are perhaps gearing up for another go at one another.  Again, look back later for more on this situation as well.

In any event, I am back home after regretfully saying goodbye to vacation.  Posts on NFAM will be more consistent now that I am back (and particularly numerous as I play catch up with Google Reader.)

Photo from the Atlantic

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