US Goes to War Against Democracy Virus

I have two bits of wonderful conservative rhetoric for you today that are simply stunning. The first is Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin who calls out James Jones for pointing out that the Israeli occupation creates problems. Rubin is trying desperately to deny the links between the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine and the general resentment felt by Arabs towards Israel. To her (and many others), regional hostility towards Israel has absolutely nothing to do with policies that kill Palestinians at a rate of one every two days. Arabs hate Israel because of the Jews that live there; not because the state killed upwards of 1,400 civilians in Gaza in 2008-2009; not  because Israeli settlers constantly harass and violently threaten or destroy the land of peaceful Palestinian farmers; not because the Israeli government is complicit in the illegal confiscation and destruction of Palestinian homes, schools and land. It is isn’t the 245 UN resolutions against the Israeli state for its brutal suppression of the indigenous people of the Middle East or the recently revealed unwillingness to move forward in peace talks with the Palestinians or even the occupation of Syrian Golan Heights.

No; for Rubin, there is no connection between Israeli intransigence and hostility towards the country and those who try to make the connection are simple anti-Semites who are ignoring the true problems in the Middle East. So when Bruce Reidel – a former CIA official – or even David Petraeus – the US Iraq poster boy and military sweetheart – as well as Defense Secretary Robert Gates blames the one-sided US policy in the Middle East that is prolonging the occupation for creating anti-Americanism and causing American deaths, Rubin and her friends can clearly see that there is no link. Reidel and Petraeus have no idea what they are talking about.

James Jones was the latest to make the outrageous accusation that global politics are indeed global and should not be looked at in hermetically sealed, individual cases. At the Herzliya Conference in Israel (Rubin was sent by The Emergency Committee for Israel), Jones erred when he implied that the lack of progress on an Israeli-Palestinian peace was sewing discord through the region. Rubin smartly advises those who are charged with understanding the challenges to American interests around the world to just ‘hush up:’

One suspects that the upper echelons of the military are steeped in the brew of “Israel is the key to the region’s problems” conventional wisdom. In that regard, one is tempted to advise a great many generals and admirals to hush up and fight.

Despite the obvious fact that actions of Israel should be taken out of context and that Israeli actions have no influence on the rest of the region, Sen. John McCain himself made the mistake of connecting the democratic movement in Egypt and Tunisia to Israel. However, one might be willing to give McCain a pass as the Senator is arguing that Arab actions threaten Israel (true) and not that Israeli actions threaten Arabs or the US (false). Calling the democratic movement a ‘virus,’ McCain went on to stress that democracy in Egypt could possibly bring a radical government to power, threatening the very existence of Israel. Certainly, McCain knows something that many others, who have stressed the likelihood of a moderate government being elected, do not. Indeed the virus of democracy is sure to bring down Israel and all US interests with it (“This I would argue  is probably the most dangerous period of our entire involvement in the Middle East.”)

Finally, McCain has the guts to stand up and say what everyone else is thinking: Democracy is a terrible ideology that does nothing, but cause havoc and endanger lives. This is exactly why the United States has a policy of discouraging democracy where ever possible in an attempt to save the people from themselves. McCain understands that the US needed to invade Iraq to squash the dangerous democratic threat in Iraq in 2003 and he understands why the US supported the dictatorial protests against Iran’s democratic government in 2009. McCain knows that democracy kills and is ready to ally with anything or anyone who opposes this virus.

With leaders and commenters like this, it really is difficult to see why the American policy for the Middle East isn’t working out so well

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