Clinton: Intervention in Syria? Are You Crazy?


"We could intervene, but Assad is such a nice guy!"

As the unrest continues in Syria, with upwards of 55 people killed by the Syrian security forces, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ruled out intervention in the country. Clinton says that a number of US Congress members view Assad as a reformer and that intervention would thus be counterproductive. Take out the fact that the Congress had no apparent role in the decision to intervene in Libya, Clinton’s rationale seems weak at best. Landis suggests that the decision to rule out intervention in Syria has more to do with pleas from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel who all fear instability if Assad were to fall. Count me as surprised, I really thought that after the success in Libya, the US would be ready to eject Assad too!

Photo from Reason

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2 thoughts on “Clinton: Intervention in Syria? Are You Crazy?

  1. The Obama administration lack focus in foreign policies. the best is to keep silent. Enough of hypocritical position. Who are they fooling? it is known that US need an opening to penetrate and an interest to protect. The opening is still narrow and no interest is at stake. no need for intervention.

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