Remembering Deir Yassin

April 9, 1948

Deir Yassin, the massacre at Deir Yassin was the reason that many many Arabs, the estimates are between 750,000 and 900,000 Arabs, were driven from their homes in 1948

Yesterday, April 9th, 2011 was the 63rd anniversary of the massacre at Deir Yassin. On this day in 1948, the Jewish terrorist organisations, the Irgun and the Stern Gang – designated terrorists by the British Mandate – with the aid of a small group of professional soldiers from the Haganah (the official Jewish army before the establishment of Israel) attacked the small village of Deir Yassin and killed around 100 people. The New York Times, a few days later, revealed the total number dead to be 200, mostly women, children and elderly men over the age of 60. While this day is important to commemorate, it is imperative to know that this type of massacre was not limited to one or two villages. It was a widely used strategy to drive Palestinians from their homes.

Deir Yassin occurred on April 9, 1948. Israel does not recognize the beginning of the war until May 15, 1948. Before the official beginning of the war, nearly 300,000 Palestinians had already been driven from their homes. The war may not have started until May, but the Nakbah started much earlier.

Photo From Live From Occupied Palestine

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