American Tax-Exempt Support of Israel’s Illegal Settlements

Alex Kane on MondoWeiss had a good article today where he posted the American Treasury’s response to an inquiry regarding tax-exempt donations that have reached Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank. In his words, reiterating the Treasury’s response:

“The department responded, in so many words, that they don’t do anything about it, despite the very public nature of the problem:

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate or identify any responsive records pertaining to:Internal reports about Treasury Department investigations triggered by public revelations that U.S. charitable funds flows used are used to illegally confiscate Palestinian lands and commit crimes overseas; Meeting minutes of key Treasury Department 0fficials charged with combating money laundering conducted in Israel and the U.S. dealing with the Sasson report money laundering issues especially those with a focus on U.S. divisions of Hadassah, B’nai B’rith and other U.S. organizations managing WZO money laundering.”

This is of course contrary to Human Rights Watch’s findings in December 2010 when it wrote

“Settlements receive funding from the Israeli government and private donors (including foreign individuals and charities many based in the United States). Some private supporters are Jewish, but settlements also receive considerable support from Christian groups.”

In addition it said as a recommendation to the United States “Avoid policies that support the features of Israeli settlement policies that are inherently discriminatory and otherwise violate international law…Assess and analyze the role played by donations from tax exempt charities in supporting discriminatory and other illegal aspects of the settlements.”

Gee, who is more reliable, the US Treasury or Human Rights Watch?


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