Syria surpasses Israel?

I was looking through the headlines and came across this article. It discusses the Emergency Law lifting in Syria and links it to the issue of Israel’s Emergency Law that has been in place since 1948, 4 days after the establishment of the State to be exact. The law is renewed every year, in a shady way, and is upheld to limit individual freedom of people to protest, speak, etc against the State. In addition to the Emergency Law in Israel, it upheld a Military Government on the Palestinian citizens of Israel from 1948-1966. I feel this is an important subject for two reasons, one…I was told by a gentleman I called Syria “a paradise of progressives that bans the veil in Universities,” although those words never came across my lips, which makes it amusing that Syria lifted their Emergency Law first. Second, the utter hypocrisy as the only democracy in the Middle East although these measures include taking land and administrative detention just to mention a few. So the authoritarian Assad of Syria ended his Emergency Law that was in place for 41 years, when will Israel overrule its 63 year Emergency Law?


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