Peres’ Peace Plan

Shimon Peres came out today with a proposal that Israel comes out with its own Peace Initiative. Shimon Peres is considered by most within Israel and the mainstream media as the Israeli man of peace. This image came about for a handful of reasons. The first is he was paired Shamir in a unity government in the 1980s so he seemed as the much more rational compared to Shamir. This is not saying much but needs to be said. Second he was teamed up with Rabin in the early 90s and ran on a platform post-Rabin as continuing the idea of Rabin. Without going on a rant of why Rabin was not a man of peace and had no intentions of a Palestinian state, again the formation of the identity is what is important in this post. Third he has written about his visions for the Middle East and follows the general American neo-con/world neo-liberal agenda. Yes those two camps have many commonalities, especially economically, although their labels would like to say otherwise. Shimon Peres’ ideas of peace in his book mostly examine the formation of a friendly economic field to bring the Palestinians up economically but refraining from saying anything close to an independent Palestinian state with its international law requirements. He said many times in the 1990s that first there would be no Palestinian state, and then said maybe but where and how were left up in the air. He then teamed with Ariel Sharon, the great bearer of peace which gave legitimacy to Sharon who was not in favor of a Palestinian state on any of the internationally recognized conditions.

So what does the Peres idea of peace look like? Just look at what we are in now…interim agreements, final status negotiations that do not happen, and one city in the West Bank, Ramallah, succeeding economically (due to a foreign influx of aid and a draining of resources in other regions of the West Bank). This is the Peres dream, pacifying the Palestinians economically JUST enough to get them to not fight for their rights. No state, no equality, just a pacification. Shimon, there is a peace proposal that actually follows international law voted on every year at the UN and another one drawn up by the Arab and Islamic states in 2002 that is still valid. Instead of creating some Israeli peace plan that gives minimal rights, no equality, no justice, a cancelling of the refugee issue, annexation, and power politics how about you either shelve your useless proposal or simply follow the 95% of the world.


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