Netanyahu and AIPAC: BFFs

There is very little that I have to say about Netanyahu’s speech to Congress (during which a Jewish Israeli-American activist – Rae Abileah – interrupted the Israeli PM only to be tackled, hospitalized and subsequently arrested in the hospital), the amazingly over-the-top reaction of the members of the US Congress (perhaps Justin Bieber was there somewhere), or the general atmosphere surrounding the ongoing AIPAC conference (no kumbaya to bongos?). Others have had plenty to say so, well, I’ll let them do the work for me:

  • Jeffrey Goldberg reminds the world that time is siding with the Palestinians and that the greatest ally to the Palestinian cause is the fumbling Netanyahu:
If I were a Palestinian (and, should there be any confusion on this point, I am not), and if I were the sort of Palestinian who believed thatIsrael should be wiped off the map, then I would be quite pleased with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s performance before Congress this morning.
  • Bernard Avishai says that the best theatre is watching Congress compete to see which member can applaud Bibi the longest:
Israel, the only democracy. Cheers. Israel in Gaza, defending itself against Iran’s terror proxies. Cheers. Judea and Samaria. Cheers. Israel as the reason why the Palestinian economy booms. Cheers. Conflict, not over Palestinian state, but over Jewish state. Cheers.
  • Adam Keller tries to see what Netanyahu really wants:
The speech of PM Netanyahu in the US Congress was composed of dozens of colorful gimmicks and empty cliches, talk of a peace which he does not intend to conclude and of a fictional Palestinian state which he has no intention of seeing become reality.
  • Mitchell Plitnick details how in DC, Netanyahu is the home team whereas Obama has no home field advantage:
But Congress gave a standing ovation to every piece of this (albeit that many of the members probably didn’t understand all the things they were cheering for). Some of these are things the President would support, some not. Those that he would not, he would have to fight with Congress over. Effectively, then, the Palestinians could only hope for some small compromise on a couple of the points.
  • Lara Friedman offers an annotated version of Bibi’s talk to Congress:
In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability. In a region of shifting alliances, Israel is America’s unwavering ally [just don’t ask me to do things I don’t want to do.  Ever. I mean it]. Israel has always been pro-American. Israel will always be pro-American. (Applause.) [This should be understood to mean: I love the American people and I love some American presidents – you know which ones I mean].

Lots of good satire and analysis of a truly pathetic couple of days in Washington. First Cairo II, then the 1967 borders fiasco, Bibi demanding Obama backtrack, AIPAC, Bibi’s speech to Congress. Wow. Too much to read? Perhaps just watch the videos. The above video was done by Max Blumenthal at the AIPAC conference. Money quote:”They should trade [land] with the Pakistanis.” Yeah. The video below was done by the same folks who created the Zenga Zenga remix and contains as much substance as Netanyahu’s original speech. Enjoy.

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