Saudi Arabian Gold Diggers: Throwing Money at Strippers

Hat tip to the Gulf Blog for this unusual find. I spent just far too much time in Saudi Arabia and yet was still unable to find a party like this. My evenings were spent in a male only coffee shop or pretending to be married in order to go to the family section of a restaurant. Where were these parties? Abdullah be tossing benjamins…

To be fair, he probably just wrapped a 500 riyal bill around a bunch of 1 riyal bills.

The singer was later arrested for driving home.

He probably lights his arguileh pipe with the equivalent of my yearly salary.

The man thought he was simply fulfilling his Zakat duties.

Was this at the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice’s holiday party?

It’s all about the Abdullahs, baby.

Did I miss anything?

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One thought on “Saudi Arabian Gold Diggers: Throwing Money at Strippers

  1. Hmmm… Humans behaving like humans. Except for the scarves it could be at any Gentlemen’s club. I think the message is a comment on Saudi morality. If so, someone must think the Saudi’s have magic Middle Eastern underwear.

    Moral activity seems to increase in inverse proportion to testosterone in the blood with little regard to prior activity. Unless power provides a sense of entitlement well into their 60’s (minus the burnoose). Grown men behaving like boys, what a shock.

    Due to biology and geometry female humans are less prone to this behavior unless on a “girls night out” where anything goes within the hive of girldom. Besides, they an have one of those any time they want. I was propositioned by an older woman once but I promised I would never speak of it.

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