Reflections on the New Flotilla II Plan

It has been announced by groups consisting of 700 Palestinian activists that due to problems with the water Flotilla II attempt they have a new idea. They plan to fly into Ben-Gurion airport en masse and declare they are going to Palestine. Whether they say this or they are planning on visiting the Occupied Territories it does not matter. They will subsequently be deported and put on the infamous Israeli black list, possibly denying them for upwards of ten years. They said (without saying how) that they will stage a demonstration at the airport if they are to be deported. It is not new and has been done by individuals before and has had the obvious consequences.

There are many problems with this as I see it. First they will be paying for a ticket that gives money to Israel (since Israel has high flight taxes) and they will be deported. Hence 700 people who would probably not be giving Israel between $50-100 each are now paying to be deported and black listed. Second, they will be placed in individual rooms, interrogated, found to be a threat to security and then deported, how are they going to set up a mass protest at the airport? If they are even lucky enough to not be picked up while getting off the plane, or even allowed to board the flight in the first place.

It has its obvious message but it seems like a waste of time and energy if you ask me. They will be giving Israel a free $70,000 for deporting them (pending of course that all 700 come). It seems more like a knee jerk reaction to the sabotage and delays of their trip which seemed obvious were going to happen in the first place. How Greece (with all the problems they are facing, and now dependency on the IMF and EU) got selected for a departure place is beyond me. My personal advice is to sit down, think of something else that might have some impact on the situation, not paying to be deported. The Flotilla idea was and is a good one because it has a message and aid for people who need it. This helps no one and sends a small message. It would be wiser to send a small fleet of small planes carrying aid and doing a Berlin Air Drop style on Gaza. Granted it has many risks as does the Flotillas but at least has a message of humanitarian aid. If you are to get interrogated and deported it should at least try and have an impact on the population who is suffering.

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