The Words of Denial

Assad and Maliki sharing secrets

The Syrian people do not go into uprising because the country is stable! Iraq is immune from the winds of change! At least Assad gave his interview before protests struck. Now Maliki is saying that Iraq is fine while crushing the protest movement. The denial is certainly similar, though the use of informal armed gangs to put down protests is also apparently a tactic shared by both Syria and Iraq.

If you want to make a comparison between what is happening in Egypt and Syria, you have to look from a different point: why is Syria stable, although we have more difficult conditions? Egypt has been supported financially by the United States, while we are under embargo by most countries of the world. We have growth although we do not have many of the basic needs for the people. Despite all that, the people do not go into an uprising.


The winds [of change] that blow to the region’s countries… I am not exaggerating, that Iraq is immune despite what appears here and there…

the political process in Iraq [is] now stable and we need to unite

Photo from Tehran Times

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