Resisting Rap in Gaza

Ok perhaps a misleading title. This video is from the GYBO rap group in Gaza and the song is called The Mystery (الغز). The burgeoning musical scene (see also DAM, P.R. and Mahmoud Shalabi, among others) in Palestine (as well as in the diaspora) has created a slew of politicized music as a new form of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Since the documentary Slingshot Hiphop was released in 2008, the political hiphop scene in Palestine and Israel has exploded. Artists, forced to live under discrimination and occupation, use their music to fight back and inspire hope. Check out the new GYBO song below and the trailer for Slingshot Hiphop above as well as Palestine: The Album, a collection of politically motivated rap. From Mohammed Al-Farra, of the Palestinian Rapperz:

My goal is to represent Gaza and to inform people about the lives we live. We rap about what we see in the streets, about borders and curfews and how people can’t get to work. We rap about freedom. I live in the hood, where people get killed or injured or shot – and I’m one of them. But I didn’t get shot because of gangs or drugs; I got shot because I was fighting for my freedom as a Palestinian living under the occupation. The conditions here make us who we are. They have made me the kind of rapper I am.

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