From the Annals of Stupidity: Arguileh Health Risks

The dangers of arguileh pipes, or he probably should have opened a window

It has been generally proven that smoking arguileh (narguileh, shisha, hookah, etc.) is not a healthy pastime. Despite the health risks, the hubbly-bubbly is one of the most common sites in the Arab world. My favorite cafe stayed open until three in the morning only to open again the next day at six AM to provide the pre-dawn hookah fix. Once I saw a man idling in his car sipping a plastic cup of bitter Arab coffee from a local stand with a full-sized arguileh between his legs beneath the steering wheel. Needless to say, most people in the Middle East and many more across the world enjoy a good flavored puff. Yet even if the debate over how bad the flavored tobacco pipe is continues, people really have no idea how deadly the flavored smoke actually is. Elias Qostantine fatally proved this point on Friday:

A man died of suffocation from nargileh smoke at his home in Dora, the National News Agency reported Friday.

Elias Qostantine was found dead Friday in his home on the second floor in the Fadel Building in Dora. Qostantine had locked his door after bringing in a bowl of charcoal and a nargileh, causing the room to fill with smoke.

When the man’s mother noticed the strong smell of smoke coming from the room, she tried to open the door but was unsuccessful in her attempt. When she finally opened the room with the help of others, she found her son had died.

Of course it is a sad story, but just another reminder of the fatal health risks of smoking hookah. Remember kids, smoking kills. Also, open a window once in a while.

Photo from Aliraqi


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