Does Lieberman Ever Listen To Himself?

Lieberman: fighting for Palestine every time he speaks?

Avigdor Lieberman is an idiot. Ma’an News has a piece up describing Lieberman’s call to sever ties with the Palestinian Authority. This, of course, comes after the Israeli Foreign Minister called for the abrogation of the Oslo Accords. Apparently Lieberman does not understand that the PA and the Oslo Accords have been the most effective tools of the Israeli occupation. It seems as though the Foreign Minister is working for the Palestinians now.

“The more they speak about non-violent action the more they are preparing for bloodshed,” Haaretz quoted Liberman as saying, despite a clear statement from PA security services spokesman Adnan Dmairi on Sunday which called for any September protests to be controlled and non-violent.

The more this man speaks, the more I love him. It seems like all the measures proposed by Lieberman only serve to further isolate Israel while pushing Palestine further towards independence. Does he really think that any of this is true? Haaretz quotes Lieberman as saying that the PA is preparing for violence and bloodshed “on a scale we haven’t seen.” I do not have a sarcastic wit sharp enough to do this justice. But let us reiterate this call: the PA is encouraging non-violent protests, non-violently appealing to the UN (the same body that helped create Israel), and using its security apparatus to protect settlers. Ergo, Israel should cut ties with the PA.

Remember in 2008 when Saturday Night Live made fun of Sarah Palin by repeating, nearly verbatim, the interview Palin gave to Katie Couric? The only way to put make fun of Palin was to point out precisely how dumb she sounded by repeating it. Perhaps Fey could dress up as Lieberman and repeat everything he says. Maybe then people would realize how clueless this man actually is.

Photo from EI


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