Eric Cantor Loves the Tel Aviv Disco Scene

Cantor will lead 55 republican congress members to Israel over the summer recess

Michael Collins Dunn, Andrew Sullivan and Mondoweiss all have posts up about the fact that 19% of the House of Representatives will be taking time off from off from that minor economic crisis facing the US to spend time in Israel during the summer recess period. Interesting.


Since it’s August and nothing is going on at home (except the meltdown of the global economy), the US Congress is taking its summer recess. And a total of 81 House members, or nearly 19% of the whole, will be visiting Israel in the next three weeks. There will be 26 Democrats and 55 Republicans.  Of the 81, 47 are freshmen (first term Congressmen) elected in 2010, and they represent half of all freshmen.

It must be the beaches. After all, suggesting Israel’s influence on the Hill is unusually strong for a country its size is an anti-Semitic slur, spread by irresponsible people like — well, in this case, The Jerusalem Post.


20 percent of the US House of Representatives will be on tours of Israel in the next three weeks. Staggering. Of all the countries salient to US foreign policy, it’s clear who calls the shots. A tiny country of six million with barely any strategic advantage for the US since the Cold War. But to note the fact that there is an Israel lobby that has unparalleled influence in Washington is de facto anti-Semitic.

On Mondoweiss, Phillip highlights an exchange during a press briefing between White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell in which O’Donnell inquired why the Congressmen were not being brought back to the US to deal with the financial crisis. Carney ‘chuckled’ and Weiss explains that you can’t prematurely end trips to Israel. What anti-Semites.

Photo from Pascasher


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