Will Abbas Ethnically Cleanse Jews from Palestine? Seriously?

An artist portrayal of ethnically cleansed Israeli settlers after Palestinians independence

The argument is entitled ‘Abbas’ Vision for an Ethnically Cleansed Palestine‘ and I am pretty sure that Jonathon Tobin, writing at Commentary Magazine is serious. This could have come straight out of the Onion. Seriously. The main argument? That dismantling the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank after a peace deal would be a sort of ethnic cleansing. Seriously.

A delegation of Democratic members of Congress met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas yesterday and received a blunt message about his vision for the state he hopes to lead. If he gets the independent Palestinian he says he wants, it will have no Jewish settlements.

This demand for an ethnically cleansed Palestine would mean the forced removal of all Jews living in the territories. Since he is calling for that state to exist in all of the territory of the West Bank, Gaza and the part of Jerusalem that was illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967, that would mean in theory the eviction of over a half a million Jews to accommodate his ambition.

Seriously. Where does one even begin with this? To point out that dismantling the settlements means throwing out a discriminatory policy of segregation that places Jews above Palestinians? To let Tobin know that Gaza was never occupied by Jordan? To wonder why Tobin decides to highlight the former occupation of the West Bank by Jordan instead of the current illegal occupation of all the Palestinian territories? To say that dismantling a racist settlement system is not the same as kicking out Jews? To guffaw in amazement that Tobin would be so ballsy as to define the dismantlement of a system of racist, Jewish-only settlements that is institutionally programmed to steal Palestinian land and resources as ethnic cleansing?

The Palestinians are going to ethnically cleanse the Israelis? Seriously? Hold on. I’m not finished. Seriously?

Photo from Voice from Gaza


One thought on “Will Abbas Ethnically Cleanse Jews from Palestine? Seriously?

  1. Jewish communities have lived in Hebron for millenia. If Hebron is going to be jewish-free by forcefully removing its jewish inhabitants, just like throughout the rest of Palestine, that is ethnic cleansing.

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