Dear Mahmoud Abbas, Here is a Better Plan for September

Mahmoud Abbas in his infinite wisdom is still due to ask the United Nations and its member states to recognize Palestine as its 194th country. As has been said before, this is not the platform at this present time to discuss exactly what legally should happen. Instead I wish to dwell on something Mahmoud Abbas said regarding what happens after…

I insist on popular resistance, and insist it is an unarmed popular resistance so no one misunderstand us. We follow the example demonstrated in the Arab Awakening, which says, ‘Selmiya, Selmiya’, ‘Peaceful, Peaceful.’

Really Mahmoud Abbas, you feel now is the time for a Palestine Awakening? You sound like every generic Western commentator saying “when is the Palestine Spring?” (if my link isn’t enough for you, just type in “where is thePalestinian spring” into Google) Where have you been the past 7 years of planned unarmed demonstrations? Where were you when the Palestinians had 75 people killed in unarmed resistance in the first weeks of the 2nd Intifada, 5months before the first suicide bombing? Where were you when Bassem Abu Rahmah and his sister were killed, or Ahmad Musa? Where were you during the 1st Intifada when Israel was wantonly killing Palestinians who were unarmed? Abbas even had the balls to say

“We talk about the Resistance, but when we see what is happening in these demonstrations, frankly we don’t find anyone talking about it.”

You don’t hear anyone talking about it because you work against it. You collaborate with Israel to crack down on any non-Fatah members, and even on Fatah members who are not under your control. You collaborate with the United States to have a mercenary army in the form of Dayton’s Army to crack down on dissidents and those who dare to protest. When Gaza was being bombed in 2008-2009 during Operation Cast Lead, who helped Dayton’s Army crackdown on any and all protests and dissent? Who was it that after Hamas won the Parliamentary elections because people hate you that much they’d rather vote for Hamas, that instigated a coup against Hamas with US/Israeli money and support? Who was it that negotiated away Jerusalem, refugees, borders, and settlements from  2006-09 before you were caught by a Palestinian who couldn’t take it anymore?

If you would like I could give even more scenarios, but I feel this suffices. If Mahmoud Abbas really wants to help the Palestinian people, instead of standing up on 20September2011 and declaring statehood with UN member state recognition (which is just your pathetic way to stay relevant) this is what you should do. Walk up to the podium in your generic and obedient demeanor and say this…

“Hello fellow UN member states…I know you expected me to come up here and symbolically declare statehood recognition for the Palestinians, which I know will go nowhere. I just wanted to keep myself relevant and seem like I am not a collaborator. For years, myself and others in the Palestinian Authority have lied and possibly irreversibly hurt the Palestinian people and cause.
No, instead today I am declaring an official and non-reversible dissolving and elimination of the Palestinian Authority. We, the people in power, will effectively resign and give back all the money we have wasted, stolen, and used for political power. We will effectively leave Palestine and never return.”

If you, Mahmoud Abbas do that, I will take this blog piece off the internet and not say a bad word about you again. Deal?

P.S. Oh and by the way Mahmoud Abbas, Thomas Friedman called, he wants his ignorant ‘analysis’ of Palestine back.


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