Walt:The US Will Lose in Iraq

Invading Iraq: a great decision?

Piggy-Backing on my last post about the American decision to invade Iraq and the long-term consequences of doing so, I present Stephen Walt:

Specifically: invading Iraq was never necessary, because Saddam Hussein had no genuine links to al Qaeda and no WMD, and because he could not have used any WMD that he might one day have produced without facing devastating retaliation. It was a blunder because destroying the Ba’athist state left us in charge of a deeply divided country that we had no idea how to govern. It also destroyed the balance of power in the Gulf and enhanced Iran’s regional position, which was not exactly a brilliant idea from the American point of view.  Invading Iraq also diverted resources and attention from Afghanistan, which helped the Taliban to regain lost ground and derailed our early efforts to aid the Karzai government…

The real lesson one should draw from these defeats is that the United States doesn’t know how to build democratic societies in large and distant Muslim countries that are divided by sectarian, ethnic, or tribal splits, and especially if these countries have a history of instability or internal violence. Nobody else does either. But that’s not a mission we should be seeking out in the future, because it will only generate greater hatred of the United States and further sap our strength.

Apparently Walt has not heard that the decision to invade Iraq has created the conditions necessary for the Arab Spring. He has also not heard that the Iraqi governmental support for Syria and the rapprochement between Iraq and Iran are net positives for the US.


Photo from Pyramidion


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