Trump: US Should Steal Libyan Oil


What would a President Trump have done?

Donald Trump apparently thinks that the United States should be taking the oil in Libya as a fee for supporting the rebels. Perhaps, according to Trump, the US should be making deals with rebel organizations promising 50% of their oil revenue in exchange for supporting democracy.

You have all these rebels running around… Are they from Iran? Who’s gonna take over Libya? Who’s gonna take over the oil? So what do we get out of it and why don’t we take the oil? I mean, why aren’t we reimbursing ourselves?

Kind of reminds me of the scene in the Quantum of Solace movie when General Medrano makes a deal with Dominic Greene, promising Greene large swaths of land in exchange for his support for the rebellion. The only differences are that Greene wanted control of water, not oil and that Trump is foolishly deepening the Arab distrust of American intentions in any oil-producing country thus reducing the popular support for any American action and greatly limiting what the US is able to do in the region without major speculation and skepticism while also undermining confidence in the American support for human rights and democracy.

Photo from ABA


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