No One Saw This Coming? Really?

Settlers to protect Jewish only areas of West Bank from protests?

So there was no mention that these were the same people, but it seems pretty clear that this would/will continue to happen.

The IDF has conducted detailed work to determine a “red line” for each settlement in the West Bank, which will determine when soldiers will be ordered to shoot at the feet of Palestinian protesters if the line is crossed. It is also planning to provide settlers with tear gas and stun grenades as part of the defense operation.


Armed Israeli settlers attacked Jalud village south of Nablus on Friday demanding that villagers leave their homes, a Palestinian official said… The settlers, from a small outpost near Jalud called Ahiya, attacked homes and properties, Doughlas said. Threatening villagers with weapons, they called on the Palestinians to evacuate the village, he added.

Again, it is unknown whether these are the same settlers, but  settlers are extremely well equipped and – particularly in the more religious settlements and all outposts – hold religious/nationalist sentiments about the land and have a long history of attacking innocent Palestinians (it’s not terrorism if the settlers do it.)

To the point, no one is shocked that the government is arming the settlers, but does anyone see the craziness here? The Israeli government is giving weapons to a group of well-armed people with a history of attacking civilians. Why? To prevent “marches toward main junctions, Israeli communities, and education centers; efforts at damaging symbols of [Israeli] government.” To allow aggressive settlers to attack Palestinians who try to go onto an Jewish-only road? This can only end well.

Photo from Permission to Narrate 


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