Quote of the Day: Unbiased Analysis

Iran is next!!

“The Khomeinist leadership is in a state of panic,” crowed Amir Taheri, a long-time critic of the Islamic Republic, in the Saudi-owned, London-based Asharq al-Awsat. Eight months after the start of the Arab Spring, he added, “the ruling mullahs” fear that they, too, “may be on the path of the tsunami of change.”

Taheri, of course, omitted any discussion of whether the monarchy and mullahs in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf might not also be feeling some of the heat.

Clearly the leaders in Iran have a lot at stake in Syria as the Assad regime is perhaps Tehran’s best ally and the link between Iran and its Hezbollah friends in Lebanon. Thus, the ‘Khomeinist leadership’ are worried about the protests in Syria and are wary of the regional consequences if Assad were to be toppled – and are perhaps fearful that such destabilizing protests might come back to Iran (protests through water gun fights?) But is there any reason to believe that Taheri would offer anything other than a ‘Tehran is next’ type of analysis. I am all for drastic reforms in both Syria and Iran, but come on Taheri!

At least Noe and Raad (the authors of the article) are able to point out Teheri’s hypocrisy.

Photo from Breaking the News

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