Fisk Goes Off About the Palestine Vote


What does the US position on Palestine mean for American values?

Robert Fisk’s piece in the Independent is a beauty:

In the new Middle East, amid the Arab Awakening and the revolt of free peoples for dignity and freedom, this UN vote – passed in the General Assembly, vetoed by America if it goes to the Security Council – constitutes a kind of hinge; not just a page turning, but the failure of empire. So locked into Israel has US foreign policy become, so fearful of Israel have almost all its Congressmen and Congresswomen become – to the extent of loving Israel more than America – that America will this week stand out not as the nation that produced Woodrow Wilson and his 14 principles of self-determination, not as the country which fought Nazism and Fascism and Japanese militarism, not as the beacon of freedom which, we are told, its Founding Fathers represented – but as a curmudgeonly, selfish, frightened state whose President, after promising a new affection for the Muslim world, is forced to support an occupying power against a people who only ask for statehood.

This vote will say more about the United States than it will about Palestine, or Israel or even the peace process in general. I think that the UN bid is pretty dangerous to the Palestinian cause (particularly the refugees in the diaspora) and there is every reason to believe that the PA did not properly plan out the move. That being said, the American refusal to stand on the right side of history says a lot about what the future of the US in the Middle East will be. Read Fisk’s entire piece. That sucker is a douzy.

Photo from Ibn Ezra


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