Quartet’s New “Peace Initiative”

It is not surprising reading the news, after the Palestinian Authority’s bid at the United Nations, that the Quartet came out with a “new idea.” It is a nice mixture of the “same old garbage” with a tint of “we need to keep ourselves relevant.” The Quartet is this ad-hoc organization of the United States, EU, Russia and the United Nations (meaning Ban Ki Moon) who get the idea in their head that UN resolutions are useless and giving the United States negotiating legitimacy is a good thing. The Quartet is best known for the Annapolis and Road Map to Peace initiatives launched by the United States. Both were founded wrongly, and both were breached by Israel on most occasions.

Now the Quartet, wanting to keep itself relevant, comes out and says “here are our proposals for new peace talks.” This is after the UN said they want the Palestinians to exhaust all diplomatic resources before seriously considering the bid. 17 years of Israeli intransigence, 44 years of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and a blatant discrimination against Palestinians in Israel is simply not enough time, understand? The Quartet proposed new direct negotiations with no pre-conditions. For those not paying attention, this is verbatim what Netanyahu has been asking for. So a powerful speech (this is coming from a person who openly disdains Abbas and what he said for proposals) that was given numerous standing ovations and was followed by one of the most comical and irrelevant speeches in Israeli-Palestinian history (he spent 2mins talking about a ring in his office that says Netanyahu in Hebrew and used this for examples of why Jews deserve to be here, which Abbas never once questioned), this is the “new” idea? Why didn’t the Quartet just give give Netanyahu and Obama the organization? Oh wait it is because they already run it, how could I forget?

The Israeli government immediately accepted the offer for obvious reasons other than it was verbatim their words. The Israeli government, as I have said in numerous posts, wishes to control the narrative. If you want an example of this just involving peace talks, listen to Israeli apologists talk about the 1948 partition (which passed the Zionist movement 4-3 only after the Palestinians rejected it), 1937 (which was only accepted by one part of the Zionist movement, and again after the Palestinians rejected it), 2000 Camp David when “Barak offered 94% of the West Bank” which has no proof except Dennis Ross’ “word,” Israel “accepted the Clinton parameters” while carrying dozens of reservations (aka no thank yous) etc. Israel wants to keep it in the ideas of the Western media that Israel wants peace and bends over backwards for it. Lo and behold today the news reports “Israel has reservations on acceptance.” Haaretz actually has a meaningful paragraph to describe it when it says:

Speaking with Haaretz, one minister who participated in those meetings said that Israel’s answer to newly offered roadmap for peace amounted to a “yes, but” and that Israeli officials would present several qualifications concerning points included in the plan. One such reservation is the three-month timetable presented in the Quartet document, with Israel expected to claim that such a schedule was unrealistic.

Netanyahu said immediate negotiations with no preconditions, he got both and STILL has reservations. Of course this was after a couple days of immediately accepting and “urging the Palestinians to do the same.”

The Quartet did not mention borders nor did it mention a settlement freeze (which is part of every original qualification). So the Quartet offers nothing, the Israelis win the media war about accepting it while those terrorist loving Palestinians deny it. Instead of following United Nations agreements on a two state settlement that have been established 5x longer than the Quartet, we act like it doesn’t exist. Israel, with full Western support 1, Palestinians -1 like usual.


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