Finding the Right Words

In the bloodiest outbreak of violence in a while, six Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces yesterday, three in Gaza and three in the West Bank.  In Gaza, those killed were apparently civilians collecting scrap metal near the Israeli border while the three killed in the West Bank were accused of killing a Jewish settler on Thursday.  The story received plenty of coverage with varying headlines:

West Bank: 2 Fatah Members Killed – New York Times

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinians – Al Jazeera

Israeli Forces Kills Three in Nablus; Al-Aqsa Threatens Retaliation – Ma’an

Israeli Forces Kill Three Youth Near Erez Crossing – Ma’an

IDF Kills Terrorists Who Murdered Meir Chai; 3 Killed in Gaza – Jerusalem Post

Israel Kills Six Palestinians – New York Times

Israel Kills Six Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza – Asharq Alawsat

B’Teselem: IDF May Have Executed Unarmed Palestinian Militants – Ha’aretz

Got to love semantics.


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