Obama Won’t Intervene in Syria, Iran

Without UN backing, the Obama administration backed down regarding Syria and — as Scoblete says, ‘absent some dramatic event’ — it is likely that the US president will do the same when it comes to attacking Iran. … More Obama Won’t Intervene in Syria, Iran

Downplaying the Holocaust?

Peter Goodspeed’s new article in the National Post is an interesting one that begins with the various creative things that Iran could do if the country was able to produce a nuclear warhead. Naturally, Goodspeed includes all the continuously repeated disaster scenarios that would ‘inevitably’ result in the destruction of Israel, including a fantastic comparison of Iranian … More Downplaying the Holocaust?

The “What-The-Hell-Is-Going-On” Iranian Terror Plot

Ready for some real conspiracy theory juiciness? Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu concluded the Shalit deal with Hamas now in order to clear the path for an attack on Iran that was now possible with the American-delivered bunker buster bombs. The plot on the Saudi ambassador primed the US public for increased hostility against Iran while opening Saudi Arabia up to cooperating with Israel on the attack on Iran. … More The “What-The-Hell-Is-Going-On” Iranian Terror Plot

Syria’s Civil War?

The Syrian episode of the Arab Spring seems to be stagnating in a horribly violent phase. The majority of protesters have remained true to non-violence, only to see continued repression and killing by the Assad regime (somewhere around 2,700 killed.) Some have turned to violent revolution based on the Libyan experience, though this number is reportedly in the minority. Internationally, western countries have tried and failed to pass a watered-down resolution at the United Nations, leading many to contemplate the possibility of establishing a no-fly zone over Syria. … More Syria’s Civil War?

NFAM Reading List 9/13/2011

Some suggested reading for 9/13: A “Humanitarian War” on Syria? Military Escalation. Towards a Broader Middle East-Central Asian War? – Global Research Kremlin firmly opposes UN sanctions on Syria – Washington Examiner In Syria: 2,600 Dead So Far, UN Official Says – Boise State Public Radio Has the Libyan Insurgency Begun? – Wired Danger Room Libya’s new harvest: the … More NFAM Reading List 9/13/2011

Quote of the Day: Unbiased Analysis

“The Khomeinist leadership is in a state of panic,” crowed Amir Taheri, a long-time critic of the Islamic Republic, in the Saudi-owned, London-based Asharq al-Awsat. Eight months after the start of the Arab Spring, he added, “the ruling mullahs” fear that they, too, “may be on the path of the tsunami of change.” Taheri, of course, … More Quote of the Day: Unbiased Analysis

Implications of Turkey Cutting Military Ties with Israel on a Larger Scale

After Erdogan made a grand speech about rethinking Turkish-Israeli ties, Erdogan officially lowered diplomatic relations and suspended all military ties with Israel last night and this morning. Turkey, still rightfully upset with Israel, has decided to put some action behind their words and do this move. But what does the move intend to do? Is … More Implications of Turkey Cutting Military Ties with Israel on a Larger Scale